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Hey the names Jalisa. I am 21 years young and California-bound. I am a proud Disney Fanatic/Lover. I grew up on it so why not. I listen to mostly rock(all kinds), disney songs, broadway music, and whatever else sounds good you can say. I love making new friends because getting to know someone is a pretty awesome adventure. By the way I love The Avengers. I am in love with Thor Odinson and that is very true. To all you Avengers fans: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!! I also do a lot of adventures around my city with friends because we promise we rather be out there than being a couch potato. Anyways feel free to ask me questions, I'll answer honestly.

If you ask you'll get answers <3

-_- I literally don&#8217;t wanna live on this planet anymore.

-_- I literally don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.

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